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Newest dual cars carport

  • Design for the products"s life

    Exposed outdoors in the -30°C-80°C range for 15years,we can guarantee quality for one year without malicious human factors

    Economic practicablity

    For long-term outdoor parking vehicles,the performance loss is twice as fastt as the vehicle parked in the carport,the membrane structure of roof can really take care of your car and slow car aging,from an econimic point of view,investment is not much but greatly extend the life of your car

    Light transmittance

    The light transmittance of membrane structure carport is very good,the light transmittance can be as high as 20%

    It is without yellowing and atomization phoneomenon when exposed in the sun


    We are using 1050g's PVDF membrane material,the surface has UV protection coating and it can prevent the sun ultraviolet yellow change

    • Style:
      Carport to protect the car from the rain/sun/snow/UV etc
    • Sheet:
      Tensioned Membrane structure with PVDF coating,100% UV blocked 1050g/m2,0.8mm thickness
    • Alu.frame:
    • Bracket:
      Wall mounting or ceiling mounting brackets
    • Carport size: